Global sustainability challenges call for concerted efforts by business and industry and government authorities. Fabrican wants to contribute to achieving the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.
In our Sustainability Strategy for 2025, we have defined five priority areas for our work: seek to contribute to attaining the global sustainable development goals through our focus on these topics.

Gender Equality
Clean water and sanitation
Affordable and clean energy
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and production

We are aware of our social responsibility through our EPCI projects.
We run our business in a responsible and sustainable way.
We contribute to solving our time's major environmental and social challenges.
Through innovation and technology we want to build a world that works better for all.

Facing the challenges with Green Energy Solutions

Along with Fabrican a steadily growing number of our customers are committed to becoming climate-neutral. We provide tailor-made strategies and solutions to achieve our client’s goal.

Green Energy Storage Systems are the set of methods and technologies used to store energy. The stored energy can be drawn upon later to perform useful operation.

It is applied to industrial and commercial energy storage, distributed energy system, and microgrid system.

These type of systems are fundamental to the future of renewable energy.
New materials and cutting-edge technological solutions are introduced, providing greater efficiency, lower cost and design to obtain a more sustainable product.

Our containerised Green Energy Storage System is the perfect solution for large-scale energy storage projects.

The Green Energy Storage Units can be used in the integration of various storage technologies and for different purposes.

Please contact so that we can tailor energy storage systems choices to your exact needs!

Some benefits; flexible configuration, programmable working mode, scalable.
Based on standard ISO dimensions, A60 configuration